About Bear pond learning

Maybe it's because I grew up training to be a ballet dancer, but I feel like I have always believed two things: No one can do the important stuff for you, and who you're with matters.

Bear Pond Learning has grown out of those two convictions, among others. Our goal is to learn together both in person and online.

Comedian Chad Daniels points out that his wife, "Has a PhD. . . but not in everything." We need each other; but we also need to value our own intuition, our own ways of growing in order to give back, especially to kids. 

Bear Pond Learning recognizes the fact that we all teach and learn throughout our lives. In fact, the verb "to learn" signifies both "to teach" and "to learn". 

How cool is that? 

You'll find lots of stuff on this website. Most of it has developed over many years of teaching and learning - from consulting with fortune 500 companies on leadership training, to developing programs that are designed to help elementary age kids who are not reading at their grade level.

About Hilary

My CV will tell you all the technical stuff about my career (my degrees, jobs etc) but what it won’t tell you is why I have done what I’ve done. I sometimes wonder myself as I took so many seemingly unrelated paths but, really, they weren’t. What they all had in common is they brought me here. I guess if I had to I would winnow the reasons down to two: drive and love. 

Drive: I have always been willing to work hard at what I care about.

Love: I love to feel I can make a difference, especially for kids.

My husband tells me that Bear Pond Learning is really just another search engine for parents who feel lost, or educators who want to look at their world from a different perspective. That sounds right to me. But what Bear Pond Learning is will always change. As Alice said in the quintessential children’s book, Alice in Wonderland, “It’s no use going back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” And so are we all.